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Welcome to Central Dekalb Sports Association Web Site instructional page. This page is designed for you, so you can take full advantage of our Web Site. Our Site will be a living organism that will change almost daily, so please put it on your desktop and check it frequently. 



The calendar will have all of the activity dates related to CDSA and Wade Walker Park . If you have something that needs to be put on the calendar, please email the Board’s Secretary with your information.


Message Board


Please take a moment and register on our Message Board (MB). This will be the most important communication tool that we have.  This is your Message Board and you can use it to communicate with your team about practice schedules, team snacks list, and any other information you need to get out to your team, other teams and or the public. If you have a question about a particular subject or, if you just want to make a statement, put it on the MB. The Message Board will be monitored daily and we will put the answer to all questions and any statements back out on the MB. Using the MB this way turns the Message Board into a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) link and it allows others to visit the MB and get the answers to the same questions that you have.  The Concession Stand schedule will also be posted on the MB as well as the Calendar. To learn how to use the MB, click on the help link.